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The Bartender's Guide - Jokes, Drinks, and Poker

Hello everyone!

Welcome to The Bartend's guide to drink recipes, jokes and poker.

Enjoy the Joke of the Day or search our database of over 5000 drink recipes. The third addition is new - poker. It rounds out my three favorite hobbies - drinks, jokes, and poker.

We will soon add a "joke of the day" feature which can be delivered via a RSS feed. Stay tuned for more information on that.

Please click on the highlighted joke link below to rate the joke. It will help me track the better ones and avoid the lame ones.

Joke of the Day:

The Top 13 Signs You're Not at the Real Senate Impeachment Hearings

13. Videotaped "deposition" consists solely of Sharon Stone

crossing and uncrossing her legs.

12. Judge Judy unleashes a stern tongue-lashing, telling

everyone to "just grow up."

11. Senator Moe's frequent outbursts of "Why, I oughtta..."

10. Presiding Judge is wearing four gold stripes. And

nothing BUT stripes.

9. Mandatory line dancing between votes.

8. Ten minutes into Hamburgler's testimony, you realize

"Mayor McCheese" *isn't* a tacky name for Bill Clinton.

7. 15 minute recess involves a slide and monkey bars.

6. Strom Thurmond just moved.

5. George Will is presiding over the hearings and the "Rip

Clinton a New Rectum" motion just passed.

4. No "Eau de Kennedy."

3. All testimony submitted in the form of a dirty limerick.

2. For $20, "Monica" allows anyone to play the part of

"Bill" during the re-enactment.

1. Only vote against impeachment? Senator John Bobbitt.

Bartending Guide

Our bartending guide has recipes for over 9000 drink, how to become a bartender, bartending tips and secrets, and bartending schools.

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Our online poker guide has resources covering poker strategy, online tournaments, and reviews and recommendations for the best places to play poker on the internet. I had a chance to play in the Party Poker Million V tournament this year. The article was written by my girlfriend, so it has little to do with poker.

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